Episode 28 – Enchanted

Save the Movies is back with content I couldn’t be arsed to edit for almost a year!

Scott and absurdly talented henchman Lee watch Enchanted, a delightful deconstruction of a Disney princess movie. Before Ralph breaks the Internet was poking fun at Disney princesses, Enchanted was doing it, but, like, in a clever way.

Episode 27 – Shoot ’em Up

Finally, an anti-ponytail movie.

Hey hey, we’re posting podcasts again! Apologies for the bad sound. We had some recording issues. I compressed the crap out of it, so you should be able to hear both of us at least.

Scott and murder hobo Lee watch the dirty, exploitationy, cartoony 2007 action flick Shoot ’em Up, with professional creep Paul Giamatti and unnaturally attractive hobo Clive Owen. We think the moral of this one is… gun control?

In which we expound upon: Bugs Bunny, John Wick, leading man Steve Buscemi, Machete, angry white guys, Star Wars power creep, unenthusiastic plugs, ninjas vs wizards, Owen Wilson, tough babies, Constance Verity (Book 2 now on sale!), kinks, papyrus, The Campaign, and Patchwork (podcast coming soon)

Episode 26 – Krull

Scott and bandit with a heart of gold Lee watch Krull, the 80s era Star Wars adjacent fantasy movie that just won’t stop (killing bandits).

Much ado about: Peter Clines, Han Solo movie predictions (mostly accurate), Conan the barbarian (if he was a wizard), Liam Neesen (hey, let me axe you something), Starjammers (not familiar with this one), Star Wars (it’s inescapable), hack-achlorians (you’ll see), keytars, Jar Jar vs C3P0, unlikely bands of heros, Jurassic World (what could possibly go wrong?),  multi biome worlds, glaive mistakes (…), sweetheart bandits, sincere apologies to Melvins, Skyline, Fantastic Beasts, and Steve Buscemi as leading man.

Episode 25 – Hudson Hawk

Special guest Mark Finn joins us to talk about Hudson Hawk, but really Moonlighting

Scott, cappuccino lover Lee, and special guest and bon vivant Mark Finn watch Hudson Hawk, a Bruce Willis movie from before he became exclusively an American Cool Guy. It turns out Bruce Willis was in things before Die Hard!

Featuring: obscure bullshit, Moonlighting, Mark and Lee Save the Movies ?!, Return of Bruno, Moonlighting, lyrical cursing, hack writer Shakespeare, goat-cheese pizza, the gory version of loony tunes, the price of bitcoins, Moonlighting, Josie and the Pussycats, government sponsorship, Finding Bigfoot hate-watching, lying in trailers, and movie horses.

Check out Mark’s podcast The Gentlemen Nerds and his Facebook and Twitter.

Episode 24 – Niko and the Sword of Light

We got new equipment to play with! The title says Niko, but be prepared for some serious goofing about.

Scott and animated movie enthusiast Lee do what started as a mini podcast about Episode 1 of Niko and the Sword of Light to test out a new mixer and audio equipment, and turns into quite the mix of nonsense.

Featuring: A Lee Martinez fan fiction that I apparently promised to write, horrible robot deaths, Justice League, Lee’s Batman fan fiction, Nazi branding, the secret enmity that fuels this very podcast, Niko and the Sword of Light for about 5 minutes, Lee finally getting fed up with my limited movie knowledge, breaking the shackles of societies preconceptions, and objectivism.

Also a list of animated movies that Lee thinks I and everyone else should watch: Batman Beyond: return of the Joker, The Batman vs Dracula, and The Batman Superman Movie: World’s Finest.

Episode 23 – Sing

in which Lee goes off on lazy millennials for not offending him more

Scott and kangaroo with no discernible accent Lee watch Sing. An animated movie from Illumination, the same studio of Minions infamy, about animals having an American Idol style show. Not sold yet? Give us an hour and we’ll see if we can sell this thing.

Featuring: A movie made after 1990, the muse of practicality, how to shoot an action scene, classic Jackie Chan, the physics of CG, the end of culture, monocle reactions, Babylon 5 jokes, Minions!, Matthew McConaughey modes, anthropomorphic accents, and old man rants (thanks Lee)

Episode 22 – Flash Gordon

Scott and scantily clad hawk man Lee review Flash (Aaaah) Gordon.  Based on one of the few comics Lee somehow doesn’t have encyclopedic knowledge of, Flash Gordon follows the exploits of the eponymous all American quarterback who can never fail.

Featuring: Queen (Aaaah), our listener, hawkman short shorts, pudding space, super suits on layaway, Hot Hail!, expedited romance, pleasure galaxies, bizzaro Johnny Rico, Mongo – galaxy of assholes, death stumps, emoting, and delicious puns.

Episode 21 – Xanadu

Scott and the original manic pixie dream girl Lee watch Xanadu. Not sure if it’s okay to like a goofy fun movie? Is it ironic to like Xanadu in 2017? Does anybody even know what irony is anymore? Forget about what everybody else thinks, watch Xanadu and be happy.

Featuring: Guilelessness, Gene Kelly being suave AF, corporate tools, Kazaam, good rap, dancing with your fingers, proto hipsterism, biking outfits, skinny jeans, musical journeys through time, asteroid worship, the power of break dancing, and musical human sacrifice

Episode 20 – Freddy vs Jason

Scott and doomed narcoleptic Lee watch Freddy vs Jason, just in time for Halloween (give or take a month). A surprisingly well constructed crossover that is a better Batman vs Superman than Zach Snyder could ever dream up.

Featuring: the girl from Destiny’s Child, unnecessary monologues, how to make Godzilla boring, mundane serial killers, Jason gets his Groove Back, Stubbs gets snubbed, Goosebumps, ignorance as a writing crutch, running and crapping your pants at the same time, aliens vs slasher villains, desperate stupid plans, flying elbows, artisanal murder, and respect for source material.

Episode 19 – Sunshine

Scott and Lee watch Sunshine, a movie with so much potential…

Scott and asshole with a point Lee watch Sunshine, a sci-fi movie from Danny Boyle (yes that Danny Boyle). We dive into why Sunshine is good sci-fi, and wonder why the ending is so awful. Boyle flirts with sun worship, and we all get burned.

Featuring: Lee’s beef with Danny Boyle, Lee’s beef with grimdark, Lee’s beef with The Core, really just Lee complaining a lot. Also good sci-fi vs bad sci-fi, how to pronounce Cillian, The Core in reverse, the most important spaceship crew member the astrologer, space dust, void alerts, Jurassic Park fan fiction, benign space dementia, The IT Crowd, and Slim Pickens