Episode 27 – Shoot ’em Up

Finally, an anti-ponytail movie.

Hey hey, we’re posting podcasts again! Apologies for the bad sound. We had some recording issues. I compressed the crap out of it, so you should be able to hear both of us at least.

Scott and murder hobo Lee watch the dirty, exploitationy, cartoony 2007 action flick Shoot ’em Up, with professional creep Paul Giamatti and unnaturally attractive hobo Clive Owen. We think the moral of this one is… gun control?

In which we expound upon: Bugs Bunny, John Wick, leading man Steve Buscemi, Machete, angry white guys, Star Wars power creep, unenthusiastic plugs, ninjas vs wizards, Owen Wilson, tough babies, Constance Verity (Book 2 now on sale!), kinks, papyrus, The Campaign, and Patchwork (podcast coming soon)

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