Episode 25 – Hudson Hawk

Special guest Mark Finn joins us to talk about Hudson Hawk, but really Moonlighting

Scott, cappuccino lover Lee, and special guest and bon vivant Mark Finn watch Hudson Hawk, a Bruce Willis movie from before he became exclusively an American Cool Guy. It turns out Bruce Willis was in things before Die Hard!

Featuring: obscure bullshit, Moonlighting, Mark and Lee Save the Movies ?!, Return of Bruno, Moonlighting, lyrical cursing, hack writer Shakespeare, goat-cheese pizza, the gory version of loony tunes, the price of bitcoins, Moonlighting, Josie and the Pussycats, government sponsorship, Finding Bigfoot hate-watching, lying in trailers, and movie horses.

Check out Mark’s podcast The Gentlemen Nerds and his Facebook and Twitter.

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