Episode 22 – Flash Gordon

Scott and scantily clad hawk man Lee review Flash (Aaaah) Gordon.  Based on one of the few comics Lee somehow doesn’t have encyclopedic knowledge of, Flash Gordon follows the exploits of the eponymous all American quarterback who can never fail.

Featuring: Queen (Aaaah), our listener, hawkman short shorts, pudding space, super suits on layaway, Hot Hail!, expedited romance, pleasure galaxies, bizzaro Johnny Rico, Mongo – galaxy of assholes, death stumps, emoting, and delicious puns.

One thought on “Episode 22 – Flash Gordon”

  1. (To be delivered in the Brian Blessed voice:)

    FLASH GORDON is on the PODCAST!? With special APPEARANCES by John Carter…and Harry Harrison!?

    Now THIS is a movie worth saving!!

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