Episode 04 – The Long Kiss Goodnight

Scott and concussed assassin A. Lee save The Long Kiss Goodnight. Gina Davis stars as the lady version of James Bond and/or Jason Bourne.

We save The Long Kiss Goodnight, a fun action spy movie directed by Renny Harlin (again), featuring a subversion of expectations (again), and costarring Sam Jackson (again).

Finding a copy to watch might be it’s own adventure!

Episode 03 – Cats Don’t Dance

Scott and a small town kid with dreams of making it big, A. Lee Martinez, review the virtually unheard of animated movie Cats Don’t Dance.

Scott and small town kid with dreams of making it big, A. Lee Martinez, review the neglected 90s animated movie Cats Don’t Dance. Before Pixar became professional tear extractors, Mark Dindal created this unique blend of animation and 40s musical, and didn’t even bother trying to make you cry.

Cats Don’t Dance on youtube

Episode 02 – Deep Blue Sea

Scott and Alex save Deep Blue Sea (and LL Cool J) from obscurity.

Scotty D and shark wrangler with a past A. Lee Martinez watch LL Cool J’s Deep Blue Sea, featuring LL Cool J.  Scientists have created super intelligent killing machines, but this time everything goes wrong.  We’ll dive in and find out : good LL Cool J performance, or greatest LL Cool J performance.

LL Cool J – Deepest Bluest

Episode 01 – Killer Klowns from Outer Space

A. Lee Martinez and Scotty Danger save Killer Klowns from Outer Space!

Noted Facebook troll A. Lee Martinez and I review Killer Klowns from Outerspace.  Killer Klowns is a cult classic from the Chiodo brothers, about clowns from space with a taste for murder. We’ll cartwheel in, and find out if they also have a taste for pacing and visuals.