Episode 09 – Tucker and Dale vs Evil

Scott and Lee check out Tucker and Dale vs Evil, where we learn that hillbillies are people to.

Scott and shy hillbilly Lee review Tucker and Dale vs Evil, an unlikely, but well executed, combination of comedy and horror. Leave your prejudice at the door as we explore stereotypes, movie dogs, douchey teens, kill-billies, football (?), nail gun safety, and beer based first-aid.

Following Up: Starship Troopers and Motivation

If you write enough fiction and you spend enough time analyzing fiction in all its forms, you start seeing certain patterns and rules that make stories memorable. We might not know it at the time, but stories stick with us because of elements that often lurk hidden in the background. One of those elements is character motivation and interaction.

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Episode 08 – Starship Troopers

Scott and Lee do their thing with Starship Troopers, starring super pilot Denise Richards. Plus Jake Busey’s hanging around.

Scott and laser grunt Lee watch Starship Troopers, Paul Verhoeven’s sarcastic tracer shot at military worship and Robert A. Heinlein’s book. We take on promotion by combat, rampant militarism, desensitization to violence, gymnastic dominance, metaphors, egalitarian society, space combat, pirate parties, super pilots, Starship Troopers the musical, the problem of beautiful women bothering you all the time, Lee’s upcoming Starship Troopers fan fic, terrible sequels, and Ducktales cannon.

Episode 06 – Robot and Frank

Scott and Lee save Robot and Frank, a slow metaphor heavy film about memory loss in the not to distant future

Scott and forgetful jewel thief A. Lee review Robot and Frank, the touching story of mental decline, robots, and hipster douchebags getting what they deserve. Featuring robot masturbation, memory loss, minor Big Hero 6 spoilers, and Lee being a giant prick about my hope for the future.


Episode 05 – Over the Top

We put our hats on backwards and review Over the Top, featuring The Smasher, classism, and suspicious double eliminations.

Scott and work-a-day trucker A. Lee review Over the Top, Stalone’s finest and only-est arm wrestling feature film. A heart warming redemption story with a dash of coming of age thrown in for good measure.

Also The Smasher, the secret constitution, and John Grizzly!


Bruce Way interview:

The Art of Subversion

One of the things we love seeing here at Save the Movies is the subversion of expectations. Heck, we’re four episodes into this podcast, and it’s safe to say that all of these films subvert expectations, some in simple ways, some in larger ways. If you take away one truth from this site, it’s this: it’s cool to do the unexpected. There’s an added bit there which says, only if you do it well. Continue reading “The Art of Subversion”

Episode 04 – The Long Kiss Goodnight

Scott and concussed assassin A. Lee save The Long Kiss Goodnight. Gina Davis stars as the lady version of James Bond and/or Jason Bourne.

We save The Long Kiss Goodnight, a fun action spy movie directed by Renny Harlin (again), featuring a subversion of expectations (again), and costarring Sam Jackson (again).

Finding a copy to watch might be it’s own adventure!

Episode 03 – Cats Don’t Dance

Scott and a small town kid with dreams of making it big, A. Lee Martinez, review the virtually unheard of animated movie Cats Don’t Dance.

Scott and small town kid with dreams of making it big, A. Lee Martinez, review the neglected 90s animated movie Cats Don’t Dance. Before Pixar became professional tear extractors, Mark Dindal created this unique blend of animation and 40s musical, and didn’t even bother trying to make you cry.

Cats Don’t Dance on youtube

Episode 02 – Deep Blue Sea

Scott and Alex save Deep Blue Sea (and LL Cool J) from obscurity.

Scotty D and shark wrangler with a past A. Lee Martinez watch LL Cool J’s Deep Blue Sea, featuring LL Cool J.  Scientists have created super intelligent killing machines, but this time everything goes wrong.  We’ll dive in and find out : good LL Cool J performance, or greatest LL Cool J performance.

LL Cool J – Deepest Bluest